1st Annual Louisiana Studies Conference

"Cane River / Red River History and Heritage"

Northwestern State University

Natchitoches, Louisiana

September 26, 2009

Rasmussen, Dr. Shane - Introduction

Carter, Cecile Elkins - This Land Was Made for You and Me (Keynote Address)

Aiello, Dr Thomas - Violence is a Classroom: The 1972 Grambling and Southern Riots and the   Trajectory of Black Southern Student Protest

Avery, Dr. George - French Influence at Los Adaes

Breedlove, Carolyn - Confluence and Divergence: Nineteenth Century Plantation Lifestyle Along Red River

Delery, Dr. Clayton - Thieves, Queers and Fruit Jars: The Community and Media Responses to the Fire at the Up Stairs Lounge

Foster, Derek W. - "Sad and happy at once...": Intolerance and Hypocrisy in Shirley Ann Grau's "The Homecoming"

Gallagher, Dr. Bernard - Trailer Trash Talks Back: John Dufresne's Louisiana Power and Light

Jones, Dr. Hardy - Blessing from a Woman of the Good God

LeBrun, W. Charlene - Salt, Nails and Prayer: Horseracing and Superstition

Rasmussen, Dr. Shane, with Margie Armstrong, Henry Edwards, Bobbie Jackson, and Lily Wilson - "Shaking out the clothes for spiders": Folklife Traditions along Louisiana's Cane River Lake

Riehm, William Henry - Material Culture of Socially Mobile Acadians in Ascension Parish Louisiana 1840-1860: Laudry Family Case Studies of Evolution into Landownership and Comfortable Wealth

Sutherlin, John W. - Louisiana's Alternative Energy Policy: How the 'Bayou State' Could Become the 'Biomass State'

Thorson-Barnett, Dr. Susan and Neeru Deep - The Atta Boy or Atta Girl Notebook: What Louisiana Students Need to Know about an Academic Portfolio

Ulentin, Anne - Opportunists or Saints? Slavery and Free Women of Color in Antebellum New Orleans

West, Melinda G. - Camp Claiborne and Segregation: The Mystery or Not of the Lee Street Riots

Williams, Dr. Arthur S. - Literature and Ethnology in the Career of Caroline Dormon