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Among the many activities of the Louisiana Folklife Center is the Louisiana Folklife journal, which covers many topics related to the folklore of Louisiana. Although some of the issues are no longer available, many can be purchased from the Louisiana Folklife Center. Below is a listing of the issues and the articles included in each.

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Vol. I., No. 1., March 1976
19 pages, 0 photographs, $5.00

Wells, David. "Wells Family Folklore From Sabine Parish"
Fussell, W. L. "Common Markings of Hog Ears for Identification Purposes: An Interview"
Abbey, Bel and Hubert Laster. "How Buzzard Got the Slits in His Beak"
Manshack, Barbara. "Buried Alive in Zwolle"
Mumbi, Mumanga Chibole. "Why Ananse Lives in the Corners of Houses"
Benge, Mark. "The Dugdemona Mermaid"

Vol. I., No. 2., October 1976
22 pages, 0 photographs, $5.00

Dickinson, Sam. "'Hands' and Hands"
Lane, Mitchell. "The Grand Cane Snake Doctors"
Severance, Kathleen Thomas. "Communication in a Frontier Society"
Braud, Debra. "A High School Folklore Unit"
Frank, Joe. "How to Catch a Doodlebug"
Ashley, Edward. "About Jesse James"

Vol. II., No. 1., March 1977
31 pages, 0 photographs, $5.00

Sepulvado, Donald Lester. "Folk Curing in a Spanish Community"

Vol. II., No. 2., October 1977
23 pages, 0 photographs, $5.00

Dickinson, Sam. "Landmarks of the Koroa"
Caskey, Tessilyn. "Twelve Ghost Stories from Vernon Parish"
Fletcher, Rebecca. "Louisiana Ex-Slave Interview"
Benge, Mark. "Little Mary Fagan: A Louisiana Variant"
Gregory, H.F. "Myths and Folktales of the Alabama-Coushatta Indians of Texas" (Book Review)
Byrd, James W. "A Fair and Happy Land" (Book Review)


Vol. III., No. 2., October 1978
36 pages, 13 photographs, $5.00

Ward, Sophia. "Acadian Spinning, Dyeing, and Weaving"
Dickinson, Sam. "One Night in a Haunted House"
Hite, Elizabeth Ross. "An Ex-Slave Narrative"

Vol. IV., No. 1., March 1979
33 pages, 6 photographs, $5.00

Duthu, N. Bruce. "Folklore of the Houma Indians"

Vol. V., No. 1., March 1980
19 pages, 8 photographs, $5.00

Dillard, J.L. "The Afro-American Tradition in the Intimate Folklore of Clifford Blake, Sr."
Hatley, Donald W. "Calling the Cotton Press"
Byrd, James W. "Clifford Blake, Sr. and the Afro-American Folk Narrative Tradition"

Vol. VI., No. 1., March 1981
27 pages, 12 photographs, $5.00

Roach-Lankford, Susan. "The North Louisiana String Band"

Vol. VI., No. 2., October 1981
16 pages, 16 photographs, $5.00

Stokes, George A. "The Day the Whistle Didn't Blow: Folklife Resources in the Louisiana Timber Industry"

Vol. VII., No. 1., March 1982
Not Available

Vol. VII., No. 2., October 1982
34 pages, 0 photographs, $5.00

Evans, David. "Since Ol' Gabriel's Time: Hezekiah and the Houserockers"

Vol. IX. does not exist


Vol. XI., September 1987
72 pages, 29 photographs, $10.00

Lee, Dayna Bowker. "Traditional Boats of Catahoula Lake"
German, Norman. "French Epitaphs and the Historic Personages Behind Them: The American Cemetery, Natchitoches"
Hatley, Donald W. "Folklore and Survival in the Louisiana Ex-Slave Narratives"
Ayers, Norita. "Broommaking: An Art"
Pleasant, Randall L. "Hispanic Folktales and History in Northwest Louisiana"
Van Rheenen, Mary. "Elusive Indians and Evasive Gold: Cultural Value and Ethnic Conflict in Ebarb Treasure Tales"
Bergeron, Maida. "Folk Artists' Participation in the Louisiana Crafts Program"
Myers, Kathleen. "Reflections on Pelican -- Our Home"

Vol. XII., September 1988
46 pages, 8 photographs, $5.00

Lee, Dayna Bowker. "Trait Continua in Historic Caddo Burials"
Medford, Claude, Jr. "Southeastern American Indian Medicinal Plant Preparation"
Savoy, Marc. Maintaining Traditions"
Pleasant, Randall L. "The Validity of Spanish Lake Oral Traditions"
Brown, Monty. "The Grigg Family and the Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers: The History of a North Louisiana String Band"
Hunter, Donald G. "Clans and Marriage Among the Bayou Blue Coushatta of Southwest Louisiana"
LaVere, David. "Down Town: The City of Natchitoches During the Great Depression"
Ortigo, Margaret M. "The Iron Crosses of the Lower Red River Valley of Louisiana"

Vol. XIII., December 1989
40 pages, 27 photographs, N/A

(All articles by Claude Medford, Jr., transcribed by Dayna B. Lee)
"Southeastern Tradition"
"Split-Cane Basketry"
"They Got Spanish Moss Hanging from the Big Oak Trees: The Uses of Spanish Moss Among Southeastern Peoples"
"Southeastern Silverwork"
"Native Basketry of the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Texas, and Mexico: Historic Tribes, Modern Communities, and Contemporary Basketmakers"
"Chitimacha Split Cane Basketry: Weaves and Designs"

Vol. XIV., December 1990
31 pages, 7 pictures, $6.00

Benoist, Clemence. "My Native Town"
Seale, Richard. "A Brief History of Cloutierville"
Welch, Alicia. "Surviving Craft Traditions in Cloutierville"
Seale, Richard. "Pick Buzzard: Irish Tunes and Country Dances in Southern Natchitoches Parish"
Tobin, Ginny. "History of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church"
Divis, Lori Neklutin and Donald W. Hatley. "Leisure Time Activities in Cloutierville"
Welch, Alicia, Richard Seale, and Donald W. Hatley. "Heart Attack and Innertubes: Medical Traditions in Cloutierville"
Hatley, Donald W. "After the Party: Heritage Festivals and Cultural Preservation"

Vol. XV., December 1991
41 pages, 16 photographs, $8.00

Hatley, Donald W. "Fisher "Bo" Snell: Kisatchie Creek Chairmaker"
Doughty, John L., Jr. "The Rolling Store"
Bernard, Shane. "J. D. Miller and Floyd Soileau: A Comparison of Two Small-Town Recordmen of Acadiana"
Seale, Richard. "The Performance and Preservation of Traditional Music in North Louisiana"
Doughty, John L., Jr. "The Hub Lake Gold: An Analysis of A Legend"
Gregory, H.F. "Pete". "Bel Abbey (1916-1992)"
Lee, Dayna Bowker. "Wilbur G. "Lefty" Williams"
Hatley, Donald W. "Ernest "Ernie" Yarbrough"
Hatley, Donald W. "Louisiana Folklife Center Archives"

Vol. XVI., December 1992
42 pages, 9 photographs, $8.00

Richmond, Sheila. "The Evolution of the St. Joseph Altar in Rayne, Powhattan, and DeRidder,Louisiana"
Pierrotti, Stephanie. "Theatre Folklore"
Johnson, Elaine. "Children's Songs of the church of Christ"
Charles, George W. "Ghost Stories From Webster Parish, Louisiana"
Richey, Rodger. "Crop Dusting Folklore in Central Louisiana"
Antee, Tina. "Pregnancy Folklore"
Zimmerman, Thomas. "The Performance and Function of 'Touchy' Folklore"
Durr, Lisa Sepulvado. "Folk Cures in the Ebarb Commuunity of Louisiana"
Bryant, Mark. "Roustabouts: The Forgotten Men of the Oilfield"

Vol. XVII., December 1993
54 pages, 20 photographs, $8.00
Special Issue: African American Folklife in Louisiana

Roach, Susan. "African American Quiltmakers in North Louisiana: A Photographic Essay"
Kogan, Lee. "Unconventional Eloquence: The Art of Clementine Hunter"
Sturman, Janet L. "Merging the Forbidden and the Permissible: The Louisiana Easter Rock"
Dickinson, Sam. "Sister Gertrude Morgan and David Butler: Portraits of Two South Louisiana Folk Artists"

Jackson, Joyce Marie. "Singing His Praises in the Crescent City: The Dynamics of African American Gospel Music in New Orleans"
Staten, Annie. "Reverend Therlow 'T' Noble: 111 Years Old and Blessed"

Frantom, Marcy. "Book Review and Excerpt From Michael P. Smith's New Book, Mardi Gras Indians"

Vol. XVIII., December 1994
78 pages, 17 photographs, $10.00
Special Issue: Toys, Games, and Play in Louisiana and the Southeast

Reynolds, Gwendolyn. "Songs of the Fifth Grade"
Wilkie, Laurie A. "Childhood in the Quarters: Playtime at Oakley and Riverlake Plantations"
Morton, Laura E. "Troll Dolls, Rabbit's Feet, and Lucky Numbers: Superstition and Magic Ritual in Central Louisiana Bingo"
Lee, Aubra L. "Hasosa-Akalatka: A Contemporary View of the 'Little Brother of War'"
Prudhomme, Ken, Mayo Prudhomme, and Donald W. Hatley. "How General Patton Lost the Battle at Bermuda Bridge"
Twining, Mary Arnold. "We Can Do It Too: Games, Plays and Toys of Sea Island Children"
Colley, Sharon. "Barn Yard Golf"
"Selected Bibliography: Game and Play Theory, Collection, and Custom"

Vol. XIX., 1995
61 pages, 0 Photographs, $10.00

Elco, Peter C. "Artist Profile of Roy Gandy: Coming Out of the Woodwork: Keeping the Southern Walking Stick Tradition Alive"
Wylie, Janery. "The Big One: Deer Hunting in Northeast Louisiana"
Chance, Marvis L. "Honey in the Hollow: Hunting Wild Bees in Western Louisiana"
LeJeune, Kris. "Loyal to the Blue: Police Folklife Narratives from the Alexandria, Louisiana Police Department"
Megee, Aaron. "Coaching and Sports Superstitions at Natchitoches Central High"
Kuilan, Susie Scifres. "Jody's Got Your Girl and Gone and So Have the Jodies of Days Gone By"

Vol. XX., 1996
55 pages, 0 Photographs, $10.00

Abney, Lisa. "Artist Profile of Hurst Hall"
Jeffery K. "Timbertown: Folk Traditions of Louisiana's Fading Timber- Centered Communities"
Salter, Heather. "Evaluating Belief in La Llorona Narratives"
Collins-Friedrichs, Jennifer. "Alice Dunbar-Nelson: Mardi Gras and Masking in New Orleans' Creole Community of Color"

Vol. XXI / XXII., 1997/1998
58 pages, 0 Photographs, $15.00

Abney, Lisa. "Artist Profile of Dempsy Perkins"
Hatley, Donald W. "Gambling Money Don't Have No Home: Playing Poker and Shooting Dice in the Louisiana Delta"
Sauter, Dale. "Postwar Motorcycle Culture and the Natchitoches Motorcycle Club 1948-49: Contrasts and Comparisons"
Teal, Rolonda. "Riding Clubs in Central and Northern Louisiana"
Kuilan, Susie Scifres. "Deer Huntin' as a Major Season in Southern Life"
Dupree, Benjamin. "That Nice Old Man"

Vol. XXIII / XXV., 1999/2001
61 pages, 18 Photographs, $20.00

Abney, Lisa, Ph.D. "Preface"
Teal, Rolonda "Let the Graves Speak: Oakland Plantation's Enslaved and Freedmen Populations"
Campbell, Autumn D. "Sepulchral Sentinels: Iron Crosses in Red River Valley Cemeteries"
Pratt-Butler, Kim "Burial Traditions in New Orleans"
Abney, Lisa, Ph.D. "Grave Digging By Hand in Central Louisiana: A Trip to Malone Cemetery"
Freeman, Linda "Prayer Handkerchiefs, Prayer Cloths, and Anointed Cloths: Magic or Miracle"
Rouly, Christi M. "Hell House: Ritual or Drama"
Carroll, Laurie M. "Burying St. Joseph: Religious Tradition or Rite of Real Estate"
Norwood, Heidi M. "The Effects of Technology on Childbirth Discourse and Methodology: Three Women's Narratives of Childbirth"

Vol. XXVI / XXVII., 2002/2003
48 pages, 56 Photographs, $15.00

Yule, Ron and Bill Burge "The Hunt For the Blue Ribbon"
"The Louisiana State Fiddle Championship"
"The 2004 Louisiana State Championship"
"Louisiana's Fiddlin' Gals"
"Some Louisiana State Fiddle Champions" (Multiple Winners)

    Fred Beavers
    Dennis Elliott
    John Johnson
    Jamesette Kile
    Jewel Lasyone
    Curry Perkins
    Ken Smith

"The Louisiana State Championship - 1974"

Vol. XXVIII., 2004
35 pages, 17 Photographs, $10.00

Owens, Maida and Eileen Engel.  “Louisiana’s Many Food Traditions and Louisiana Voices”
Lee, Dayna Bowker.  “Evidence of Dual Organization in Southern Caddo Expressive Culture”
Wells, Tom.  “Bousillage: Louisiana’s Mud Wall”
Davis, Kerry.  “The Fabric of Family: Preserving the Parker Family’s Quilting Heritage”
Ralston, Janette.  “Let’s Sing: The Role of Louisiana’s Folk Songs in Education”

Vol. XXIX., 2005
35 pages, 6 photographs, $12.00

Bunch, Jayme. “Daddy Drove the School Bus Down to the Baptizing Hole”
McNair, Victoria Danielle. “Mississippi Delta Juke Joint Culture”
LeBlanc-Sewell, Lori. “Cajun Foodways: Identity, Attitude, Exportation, and Co-Modification”
Bramlett, Leigh Anne. “Finding Live Oak Plantation: A Journey”

Vol. XXX., 2006
19 pages, 22 photographs, $12.00

Richmond, Sheila. "Tioga: A Brief History"

Viator, Adam C. “Tioga Commissary”
  “Home Life”
  “Company Housing”
  “The Story of Sam Allen and the Barber”

Vol. XXXI., 2007
25pages, 38 pictures, $12.00

Richmond, Sheila “One Man’s Legacy: The Art of Ernest Cargle”
  “Tramp Art”“One Man’s Legacy”
  “The Legacy”

Vol. XXXII., 2008
54pages,1 picture, $12.00

Carter, Cecile E.

"This Land Was Made for You and Me"

Jones, Hardy

"Blessings from a Woman of the Good God"

Wilson, Mariann

"Mardi Gras Indians"

" "

"221 S. Genois Street"

" "


" "

"Sidewalks and Indians"

" "

"Special Music"

" "

"(Don't) Touch Me"

" "

"Gas Station Ghost"

" "

"Roadside Decision"

" "

"Old-Fashioned Love Song"

Reeves, Jessica

"From School House to [Creole] Lunch House: Merline Herbert's Reconstruction of the Self"

Coles, Felice

"¿ Y adònde vamos a vivir? ("And then where will we live?"): Isleños' Understanding of the Territory of South Louisiana

Vol. XXXIII., 2009
55 pages,0 pictures, $12.00

LeBrun, Charlene W.  “Salt, Nails and Prayer: Horseracing and Superstition”

Adel, Nina “Underneath”

West, Melinda “A Dispatcher’s Night on the Claiborne and Polk Military Railroad: May 31, 1945.

Cundall, Michael K. Jr.  “Why No Creole Jokes?”

Riehm, William “Material Culture of an Acadian Plantation 1848-1851: Person Place Object”

Jones, Hardy “Grab Yourself a Cup of Coffee”

Bulliard, Morgan “Mais Sha I’m Cajun!”

2009 NSU Louisiana High School Essay Contest First Place Winner

Hefte, Maria “A Diverse Heritage”

2009 NSU Louisiana High School Essay Contest Third Place Winner

Bassemier, Kim “Louisiana Cuisine”

2009 NSU Louisiana High School Essay Contest First Runner Up

Grunder, Jennifer “My Louisiana Sky”

2009 NSU Louisiana High School Essay Contest Second Runner Up

Tran, Duyen “In Which There is a Realization of Importance”

2009 NSU Louisiana High School Essay Contest Third Runner Up


Vol. XXXIV., 2010

55 Pages, 4 pictures, $12.00


Jones, Hardy "Rendez Vous des Cadiens Prairie"

Kane, Julie "The Ballad of Isabella"

Salter, Heather "The Awakening as Fairy Tale?"

Graham, Michael Portraits of Artists from the Louisiana Folklife Center Hall of Fame

Prize Winning Essays 2010 NSU Louisiana High School Essay Contest

Williams, Laramie "Through the Storm, We Stood"

Manion, Lyle "A New World"

Sitarz, Michael "Environmental Inspiration"

Kim, Chuhyun "Louisiana: My Inspiration"

Bridges, Savannah Kate "Tabasco Veins, Zydeco Heartbeat"

Bollich, Morgan "Inspiration: The Beauty Within" 


Vol. XXXV., 2011

72 pages, 30 pictures, $12.00

Yule, Ron "A History of Early Cajun Music in the Lake Area of Southwest Louisiana"

Prize Winning Essays 2011 NSU Louisiana High School Essay Contest

Burke, Michael Burke "The Rumble"

Farr, Josh "Palates of the Pelican State"

Paine, Shelby Elise "Visions of Home, Louisiana, as Seen From My Childhood"

McManus, Meredith "Marie Laveau"



Vol. XXXVI., 2012

54 pages, 0 pictures, $12.00


Adel, Nina "Finding Her Reflection in Creolized Places: Edna Pontellier and Liminal Space"

Dromm, Keith "Oil and Bullshit: The Case of Flaherty's Louisiana Story" 

Zbitkovskis, Oona "The Southern Soul"

Breedlove, Carolyn "Confluence and Divergence: Nineteenth Century Plantation Lifestyles in the Red River Region"

Gomez, Rain C. “Sassafras Stories Digging for Roots: Louisiana Indigeneities in Literary Expressions”

Prize Winning Essays 2012 NSU Louisiana High School Essay Contest

Ahmed, Saraf "Spider Web"

Wagnon, Madeline "The Journey of a Character"

Michell, Molly "An Interconnected Heartbeat"