2017 Natchitoches -NSU Folk Festival

Keeping Tradition Alive

               *Make checks payable to NSU FOUNDATION and write “Folk Festival” on the memo line *

Mail to: Louisiana Folklife Center, NSU Box 3663, Natchitoches, LA 71497


   ___Friend ($25)                              ___Member ($50)                               ___Sponsor ($100)

   Receives: 1 pass (all events)              Receives: 2 passes (all events)             Receives: 4 passes (all events), 1 T-shirt

  ____Patron ($250)                           ___Grand Patron ($500)                    ___Benefactor ($1000)

   Receives: 8 passes (all events)           Receives: 10 passes (all events)           Receives: 20 passes (all events)

   and 2 T-shirts                                    and 3 T-Shirts                                      and 4 T-shirts

 ____Grand Benefactor ($2500)      ___Sustainer ($5000)                        ___Folklife Visionary ($10,000)

   Receives: 30 Passes (all events)         Receives: 60 Passes (all events)           Receives: 100 Passes (all events)

   and 5 T-shirts                                    and 10 T-shirts                                     and 20 T-shirts


All funds received before June 7, 2017 will receive listing in the Festival Program and on our website.  In addition, Benefactors, Grand Benefactors, Sustainers, and Folklife Visionaries will have their logo displayed on the Main Stage, mention in news releases/advertising/social media, and adknowledgement on the Festival Poster. 


NAME: _________________________  ADDRESS: ____________________________  PHONE:________________________              


T-shirt size(s)___________________________________________________________________________________________


 Funds received after June 7, 2017 may not be listed in the Festival Program. Fair market value of items      

 received may not be deducted from your Federal Income Tax.

*The Louisiana Folklife Center is unable to officially endorse political candidates or parties*