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Delafose, John



Zydeco Accordionist

 Mr. John Delafose was born in Duralde, Louisiana. He was born April 16, 1939. Delafose learned how to play many instruments as a child and young teenager, including the harmonica. Mr. John also learned how to play the button accordion around the age of eighteen. Before John began playing music in the early 1970’s he pursued a career of farming. Soon after farming, Mr. Delafose turned back to his old ways of music and began serving as an accordionist or harpist for many Zydeco bands. Not only did he play in other bands but, throughout his lifetime he developed a band that was known as “John Delafose and the Eunice Playboys”. Delafose was extremely talented and was well known for his music. He passed away September 17, 1994 leaving behind many memories and an excellent name for himself.


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