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Darbone, Luderlin


Cajun and Country Musician

Mr. Darbone was born in 1913 in Evangeline, Louisiana, and was a resident of Sulphur, Louisiana. Luderlin was a member of the "Hackberry Ramblers." Their band played both Cajun and Country music. Mr. Darbone played the fiddle. He acquired his music skills through the New York School of Music, in New York City.

When the band was first organized, they played their music only in Southwest and Southeast Louisiana. They played throughout the US. They have performed at the Berkeley Music Festival(1965); The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (1987-2000); Superbowl (1996); President's Summit on America's Future (1997); and at the Grand Ole Opry (1999). Mr. Darbone died November 21, 2008.

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