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Daigle, Paul



Mr. Daigle was born in 1958, in the country near Church Point, Louisiana. He is fluent in both English and Cajun French. Mr. Daigle is presently a resident of Branch, Louisiana and his main occupation is as an auto body repairman. Paul also plays the accordion, which he has played since he was ten years old.

Paul is a member of "Cajun Gold." The band is among the most popular bands in dance clubs across the south. Paul is known as one of Acadiana's most talented accordionists. The "Cajun Gold" band has had several regional hits, such as: "Tee Bec Doux" and "The New Anniversary Waltz."

Mr. Daigle has performed with other renowned Cajun musicians like D.L. Menard and Ken Smith. Paul has toured with D.L. Menard in China, Denmark, and throughout the United States. In addition to touring, Paul's band also plays throughout the state of Louisiana and has been featured frequently at the "Rendez vous des Cadiens" live radio show at Eunice's Liberty Theater. They performed at the World's Fair and have been featured at the Louisiana Folklife Festival.

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