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Cormier, Lesa

Cajun Musician

Mr. Lesa Cormier self identifies as Cajun, and he speaks both French and English. As a child growing up, he lived in Elton, Louisiana, but has lived most of his adult life in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He is a proud member of the "Sundown Playboys" band.

Lesa is proud of Cajun traditions - the language, foodways, traditional music, and traditional dance. He was raised in a musical family, and has been the drummer with the "Sundown Playboys" since 1947. His father, Lionel Comier, was an accordion player and formed the original "Sundown Playboys." The family is in its third generation of music. Lesa's children are all musicians and currently play with the band.

The "Sundown Playboys" have received many awards and recorded many songs since 1951. They have performed at many festivals and concerts across the country. Performances include appearances at the Folk Music Festival in Chicago (1976), Louisiana World's Fair (1984), Sauce Picante Festival, Calcasieu Cajun Festival, 1994 Washington Mardi Gras, Chili Cook Off in Houston, Texas, Festival Acadienne Le Cajun Awards (1990), and many more.

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