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Clement, Terry


Cajun Musician

The "Clement Brothers," Terry on accordion, Purvis on violin, and Grant on guitar, started playing music at a very early age. They organized their first band in 1949. The brothers' interest in Cajun French music came from their father, mother, and uncles who were all musicians. In the early 1900s their father, Laurent, played the fiddle at many house dances.

The band members fell in love with the music of the late Cajun French musician, Nathan Abshire, and patterned their music after his. They found his music exciting, smooth and very different from any others. In 1952, on their way to play for a dance in Holly beach, the brothers began playing around with a few Cajun French words with a catchy little sound, which became "Diggy Liggy Lo." They took the song to Jay Miller's Crowley studio and in less than a month, "Diggy Liggy Lo" was being played on jukeboxes from Houston to Florida.

In the early days, the "Clement Brothers" played Cajun French music all over Southwest Louisiana, Southeast Texas, and Mississippi. During the late 1950s and early 1960s when Cajun French music lost its popularity, the Clement brothers and a brother-in-law, Ronald Goodreau, were joined by pianist, Everett Daigle. During that time they played country and rhythm and blues music until Cajun French music regained popularity.

Today, they are still making music together, performing for civic groups, weddings, and the Natchitoches-NSU Folk Festival.

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