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Bourdier, Paul A.

Duck Decoy Carver

Paul Bourdier, a Cajun native of Lafayette, Louisiana, is currently a resident of Opelousas, Louisiana where he lives with his wife, Denise. He is a proud husband and father of two: Nicole and Paul II. Paul is also a worthy recipient of a BA in Architecture and is now a full-time architect who dabbles in woodcarving.

His hobby of woodcarving was acquired through hard work and self-determination. Paul carves duck decoys from wood and he grows and paints gourds. He is significantly self-taught, but he also learned some of his art from other decoy carvers in Louisiana. He employs handmade tools, sandpaper, and paint during the one to two hours a day that he enjoys carving and painting duck decoys.

Paul has participated in the Native Craft Festival.

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