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Blanchard, Camille A, "Corn"

Cajun Dancer, Fisherman, Hunter, and Cajun Foodways

Mr. Camille Blanchard, who self-identifies as Cajun, is a native of rural Catahoula, Louisiana. He was born in 1931 and speaks French and English. Camille is an oil and gas plant operator and fisherman.

The Blanchard family has kept many of the Cajun traditions associated with swamp living in the Atchafalaya Basin. As a child growing up in the swamp, he learned from his family how to make nets, various types of fishing, hunting, wild game cooking, and dancing. Mr. Blanchard is a skilled carpenter and an excellent dancer. His main partner for dancing is his wife, Lillian. They are very knowledgeable about Cajun dancing, and dance weekly at various festivals and competitions.

Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard have performed at the Breax Bridge Crawfish Festival and the Catahoula Church Fair.

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