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Adams, Milton J.

Cajun Musician

Cajun accordion player Milton Adams was born in 1918 in Kaplan where he still lives with his wife Marie, a traditional ballad singer. He started playing music when he was only about 10 years old, learning from his father Elty Polite Adams and from the great Cajun accordionist Lawrence Walker. By the time he was 12, he was playing at house dances, but he did not begin performing in dancehalls until he was about 25.

He no longer plays in local dancehalls because the long sets required are so demanding. He has been generous in sharing his music skills with younger musicians such as Wayne Toups. When Wayne was very young, he would come by the Adams' home to play traditional Cajun music with Mr. Adams.

Mr. Adams still tours with his band, Milton Adams' Midnight Playboys. They have played at festivals and other events in Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, Georgia, Florida, and Illinois. The band was named Best Band by the Wall of Fame Cajun Days.