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Nix, Sammy

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Sammy Nix


Mr. Sammy Nix began playing the drums in 1967. His passion for the drums developed through listening to records that his mother would play and by watching the Beatles perform on television. Sammy received his first drum set from his mother on the condition that he take drum lessons. These drum lessons led to Mr. Nix participating in his high school marching band during his sophomore and junior years. Soon after his passion for music continued from high school to college where Mr. Nix minored in   music. He is happiest when playing a variety of music, including country; swamp pop, classic rock, hard bop jazz, and rhythm and blues. Mr. Nix’s strong passion in music has led to his induction into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. His advice to all upcoming musicians is, “First you have to possess some natural talent. From there you can be as good as you want, just realize it takes hours of hard work to get there.”