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Viator, Deborah Helen


Fiddle and Violin Maker

Deborah Viator was born on June 12, 1956 and currently lives in Eunice, Louisiana. She speaks three languages: German, French, and English. Deborah creates beautifully made fiddles and violins. She has also taught her two children how to make and play the fiddle and violin.

The instruments that Deborah creates have unique head carvings: horses, women, animal heads, mermaids, skull, etc. Many colors are utilized: charcoal, burnt sienna, chocolate, cherry red, deep forest green, midnight blue, etc. Deborah has demonstrated at many festivals throughout the country and beyond including the Natchitoches Folklife Festival, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival, Festivals Acadiens, Takoma Park Folk Festival, Fiddles of the World in Nova Scotia, etc.