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Veret, Ferill

Cock Fighting Traditions, Swamp Traditions, Fisherman, and Hunter

Ferril Verret (nicknamed "Farouche" or "Wild") lives in Catahoula with his wife Carla. His grandfather had a store on Bayou Chene, and the Verret family are long-time swamp dwellers. For many years they have trapped, hunted, and fished for a living in the Atchafalaya Basin. Ferril carries on these traditional ways of living. He learned to fish and hunt as a child from his father and grandfather. He still fishes and hunts seasonally and is very experienced in swamp traditions such as crawfishing, catfishing, and hunting deer, wild turkeys, and other wildfowl.

He is also very knowledgeable about cockfighting, a traditional Cajun pastime. He produces monthly cockfights during the season, and has demonstrated at the St. Martin Boucherie.

Like many Cajun men in the region, he is a fine camp-style cook. He is an excellent demonstrator who speaks knowledgeably about many aspects of Atchafalya life, camp living, and cooking.