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Tyler Family


Clifton Choctaw Crafts

The Tyler family has long worked in traditional arts.  Ms. Kathlene Thomas, Ms. Elois Tyler, and their mother, Ms. Ruth Tyler have crafted traditional Native American items such as pinestraw baskets and beadwork. Each of them quilts and has created needlework pieces. The male members of the family made syrup for many years and hunt and fish regularly; most are employed in the building trades, and they have produced elaborate woodworked pieces.

The Tylers have worked closely with other Native American communities to learn more about their native traditions such as basketry and they have worked diligently to promote their Clifton Choctaw culture and to document those traditions within their community. The Tyler family has lived in the Clifton area for over three generations, and their family has made an impact in this small community. 

In 2005, the Tyler Family were inducted into the Louisiana Folklife Center’s Hall of Master Folk Artists.