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Thibodeaux, Rudley J. Sr.

New Orleans Brass Band Musician

Mr. Thibodeaux is a life-long resident of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ruddley has been playing New Orleans brass band music for almost twenty years. He learned to play in New Orleans from Danny Barker and by listening to other brass bands and recordings of their music. He performs with the Algiers Brass Band, in which he plays several instruments including the trumpet, trombone, drums, and clarinet. Ruddley and the group perform at least three to four times a week. They play New Orleans brass band jazz and wear the traditional brass band uniform when performing.

Mr. Thibodeaux and the group have been touring internationally and domestically for at least eight years. Their most recent and honorary performance was playing at the White House in Washington D.C., in October of 1999. They have been honored as being two-time nominees for the Big Easy Award in New Orleans, Louisiana.