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Smith, Dudley-Brian


Folk Singer and Musician

For over four decades, the music ensemble known as Smithfield Fair (earlier as Charmer) has served as the vehicle for the musical efforts of singer/songwriter/composer/ and multi-instrumentalist Dudley-Brian Smith. Hailing from a large, artistic Scottish-American family of Alexandria, Louisiana, Dudley is the grandson of music and voice teachers, and the son of musician/vocalists who encouraged the artistic pursuits of their children. Early efforts in church and school choirs and bands continued through the U.S. Naval all-male Bluejacket Choir. Taught trumpet and upright bass by his father, a noted area swing musician and church choir director, Dudley picked up the guitar on the tail end of the 60's folk boom. When the U.S. Navy Band was disbanded in Pensacola, Dudley was tapped as the Navy's area honor guard bugler on the strength of years of bugling in the Boy Scouts (where he had achieved the rank of Eagle), and would earn commendations for this service. During this time, he also formed the acoustic and vocal ensemble that would ultimately relocate to Louisiana and include his brothers, Bob and Joel, and later his wife, Jan Dedon Smith, all singer/songwriters in their own rights. To date, they have produced some 30 recordings (albums) of original and tradition-based music. Side projects over the years for Dudley have included a jazz-fusion band in Boulder, Colorado. He also served as artist-in-residence for Sandcastle Productions, which would relocate from North Louisiana to Nashville, Tennessee. His career as a journalist has also found him in numerous editorial positions, among these trade and industry publications and underground newspapers. He has also written several books of poetry and stories, some in tandem with Jan Smith, as well as music for movies, webcast series and television.