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Rivers, Hardrick



Hardrick Rivers began playing music early in his life.  At age 13, Hardrick began to study under and play with one of the masters of Louisiana music, Overton Owens—sometimes called Dr. Drip Drop.  Hardrick quickly joined Overton Owens and the Mustangs, which was formed during the late 1960s. Hardrick worked hard in those early years to find his unique sound on the saxophone, and he clearly succeeded. 

Eventually, he formed his own group, the Lighthouse Crew which he left in 1992.  In 1994, he formed a new group, Rivers Revue Band.  In 1996, a group of musicians decided to have a monthly jam session at Roque’s Grocery in Natchitoches; Overton Owens joined many of these sessions.  From these jam sessions, grew the current Roque’s Blues Band.  Presently, Hardrick plays with both Roque’s Blues Band and Rivers Revue Band.

Hardrick Rivers was inducted into the Louisiana Folklife Center’s Hall of Master Folk Artists in 2001.