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Mouton Pierre, Mary Martha


Open Hearth Cooker, Wax Flower and Wreath Maker, Quilter, Corn Shuck Bookmark Maker, and Rosary Maker

Mary Martha Mouton Pierre was born on September 4, 1942 and lives in St. Martinville, Louisiana. Her husband is Joseph Pierre, Jr., and she is the mother of six children.

For many years, Martha has stayed active in the community and various church-oriented groups. She currently serves as a tour guide for the historic city of St. Martinville. Martha speaks fluent Creole that she sometimes uses while giving tours covering the history of Acadia.

People are inspired by Martha's arts and crafts. She learned all her crafts from her grandmother, aunts, and mother. Her specialty is open-hearth cooking, which she enjoys most of all. She learned this technique by watching her grandmother cook. She also makes wax flowers, wreaths, quilts, rosaries, and corn shuck bookmarkers - crafts learned from watching her mother and aunts.

Martha is fortunate to have traditional cookware - iron pots. The pots have been in her family for more than 150 years. While working in restaurants cooking traditional recipes, Martha decided she would try to perfect her open-hearth cooking. Her art is fascinating because open-hearth cooking is rarely done today.

Mrs. Pierre has presented her cultural crafts at the Southern Development Foundation Zydeco Festival, Plaisance Louisiana Heritage Stage, Mary-Mount Art and Craft Show, Festival International, Lafayette, Louisiana, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and many more.