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Petijean, Dave


Storyteller and Humorist

Dave Petitjean is a resident of Crowley, Louisiana, and he has two occupations - sales and entertaining. He was born in 1928 in Rayne, Louisiana. Mr. Petitjean has spent most all of his life growing up and living in South Louisiana and speaks French, "with a Cajun dialect."

Living in South Louisiana helped Mr. Petitjean acquire his talent for telling stories. He tells humor stories that he learned "by trial and error" and from listening to others. He was not a young man when he began telling stories for entertainment. Now, he performs alone, twice a month in various places across the country. His only tools of the trade are his voice and his humor stories.

Mr. Petitjean's public performances include entertaining for all types of functions. He is a regular feature at the weekly Rendez-vous des Cajuns radio program in the Liberty Theater in Eunice, Louisiana. His awards and honors include being included in Swapping Stories, Folktales from Louisiana, and being a co-author in Cajun Humor.