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Muller, Al, J.

Wood Carver and Decoy Maker

Mr. Al Muller is a resident of the community of Bucktown, near Metairie, Louisiana. He was born in 1920, and is retired.

Al's art form is woodcarving making duck decoys and various other waterfowl decoys. He learned how to work with wood as a young man living in New Orleans. Al works alone at home each day carving decoys, using woodworking tools and various types of wood.

Mr. Muller and his decoys have become very popular over the years. His most recent public performance or appearance was at the Jazz Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. Al has exhibited at many festivals: Smithsonian Institution; Festival of American Folk Life, Washington, D.C.; Louisiana World Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana for seventy days; Festival L'Acadien in Lafayette, Louisiana; and many more. In the past, he has been recognized in the media: The Today Show, The Great Experience, New Orleans World's Fair, commemorative cassette, and a Louisiana Folk Life Documentary with Nick Spitzer and Joel Gardner. Al has also appeared in main publications like By Southern Hands, Wetland Heritage, Times Picayune and the Daily Review.

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