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Scarborough Moody, Mary Etta


Folktale and Storyteller

Ms. Moody was born in 1948, in Bogalusa, Louisiana. She presently lives in Popularville, Missouri with her husband Billy and their dogs.

Mary Etta's art form is storytelling. She learned to tell stories when she was a young child listening to her father, mama, and Uncle Willie. Her presentations are of folktales and some true stories in a voice that she refers to as being "her own white lower class dialect." The text of her stories covers the lower class or working class whites and blacks of the south and some upper class. She says she started sharing her stories with the public in 1987 and will continue to do so until she can no longer speak. Mary Etta is one of twenty-one storytellers called "The Barter Storytellers."

Ms. Moody performs twice weekly at different places in Poplarville, MS; Hazeherst, MS; Picayune, MS; Angie, MS; Covington, Louisiana; Strawberry Storytelling Festival in Hammond, Louisiana; and Blueberry Storytelling Festival in Hattiesburg, MS. She also tells stories at local middle schools.

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