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Kirkpatrick, Charles Billy

Old Time Country Musician

Mr. Charles Kirkpatrick was born in 1928 and was a longtime resident of Shreveport, Louisiana, where his occupation was being a house painter and a construction worker. His part time working hobby was being a member of the "Louisiana Hayride String Band."

Charles played the guitar, fiddle, and bass. He learned the basics of playing the guitar from his brother, who bought him his first guitar and fiddle when he was a child. He learned to play the fiddle listening to old-time fiddle players. As a music enthusiast, Charles taught his son to play the fiddle and said that they practice everyday. They played old time country music breakdowns and waltzes, western swing, and Cajun music from south Louisiana.

"Fidlin Bill", has performed with the Beavers Family, the "Louisiana Hayride String Band," and the "Army String Band." He has also played on radio shows and has appeared at the Louisiana Hayride, the Louisiana Worlds Fair, and the Louisiana Folklife Festival.

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