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Ardoin, Morris


Zydeco Musician


Mr. Morris Ardoin was born in 1935 in Evangeline Parish and is presently a resident of Eunice, Louisiana. Although he is a musician, his main occupation is driving trucks. He has a wife named Clementine, and his children are Morris Jr., Clement, Shirley, Stacey, Leslie, Gus, Pamela, and Dexter. Morris is fluent in English and Creole French.


Morris is a member of the "Dexter Ardoin and Friends" zydeco band. He plays several musical instruments including the accordion, violin, and guitar. Morris learned to play music from listening to his cousin play when he was only thirteen years old (That was in 1948) and he has been playing ever since.


Mr. Morris played at the 1985 Festival of American Folklife in Washington, D. C. and, as he wrote, "lots more after."

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