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Jackson, Clyde

Clyde Jackson2


Deerskin Tanner


Clyde Jackson is a full-blooded Choctaw and a member of the Choctaw Tribe in Jena, Louisiana. He was also a past chairman of the Jena Band of Choctaw. The tribe has retained the ability to do beadwork and traditional tanning of deerskins. Clyde Jackson has endeavored to preserve as many tribal crafts and as much art as possible. He learned to tan hides along with several others in his tribe. The oldest tanner, Anderson Lewis, has been instrumental in helping to preserve these skills. The hides produced by the Jena tribe are often sold or given to other Native Americans to be made into ornaments or rugs. Clyde has tanned deer hide in the Creole State Exhibit from the Louisiana Folklife program.

As with many Native American groups in the United States today, there is a concentrated effort to preserve the heritage of the Choctaw people while living and working with non-Native American neighbors. And with members like Clyde Jackson, the Choctaws will be able to teach another generation of their children as well as our children about their culture.

Updated Febuary 6, 2017 by Natchitoches-NSU Louisiana Folklife Center Staff