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Hunt, William "Bill"



Bill Hunt’s parents, siblings and extended family were all musically inclined, so the love of music was instilled in him at a young age.  As a child, he was often selected to participate in singing contests in his native southeastern Oklahoma, where he was born.  By the age of ten, he began playing the piano.  Hunt says that in the small town where he was reared, children had to find and invent things to do, so he decided that his childhood passion would be music.

Hunt’s love of music led him to a career in the field.  He received a music scholarship from Texas Wesleyan and earned a Batchelor’s degree there.  He then worked as a choral director in public schools in Texas for about eleven years.  In the meantime, he worked on advanced degrees at the University of North Texas.  He had formal training in music by studying with fellow musicians, so he learned to play many new instruments.  Hunt can play the trombone, the stringed bass, the guitar, and a variety of other instruments.  After working briefly at Tarleton State University and the University of Oklahoma, he settled at Northwestern State University and has held a wide variety of administrative and teaching positions over the past thirty years. 

Hunt’s talents as a musician are remarkable, but he has also arranged and written numerous lyrics and musical scores.  His arrangements have been published and are frequently the material for many choral groups nationwide.  He has also dedicated a tremendous amount of time and energy to researching traditional ballads and other music forms.

Hunt is a member of the well-known musical group, the Back Porch Band.  The acoustic band plays country folk music at several places around central Louisiana, including the Green Market in Natchitoches.  This group frequently performs at the Natchitoches-NSU Folk Festival, as well as other venues around the state.  Because he has illustrated his commitment to folk traditions and folk music, Hunt was inducted into the Louisiana Folklife Center’s Hall of Master Folk Artists in 2002.

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Researched and rewritten by Samantha Sullivan.