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Henderson, Helen Brousek Locker

Czech Needlework

Ms. Henderson was born in 1916 in Linwood, Nebraska, but she has been a long time resident of Alexandria, Louisiana. She self identifies as a Czech and is fluent in both German and English. Ms. Henderson is a retired L.P.N. and her religious affiliation is Catholic.

Helen's craft is needlework. She learned to sew as a little girl by watching her mother. Later in life, she became very skilled at needlework and produced many decorative pieces of art. Helen uses only needle, thread, and fabric to do her embroidery and crocheting. Her needlework is a hobby that she can do at home. Many of her pieces have been given as gifts or as donations to church bazaars.

Ms. Henderson has attended the Natchitoches-NSU Folk Festival, the Catahoula Festival, and Czech Heritage Days.

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