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Arceneaux, Isabel D.


Storyteller and Oral Historian

Mrs. Arceneaux was born in 1929, in Cane River, Louisiana. She presently resides in the Isle Breville community near Natchez, Louisiana. Isabel's art is a traditional art form that many small communities have used to keep traditions and family lines straight for many generations. Isabel tells oral history stories; she learned this tradition from her grandparents, parents, and other elders in the community.

Isabel Arceneaux has had a full life rearing twelve children and working as a teacher's aide. In addition to telling oral history stories, Mrs. Arceneaux makes dolls and quilts. She is a member of the "Cane River Stompers," a dance group which performs at various local gatherings in the Natchitoches area. Mrs. Arceneaux also coordinates the taste-fest for the Creole Heritage Day Festival.

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